We are living in history. And we can create history. It’s the power that a few has realized and fewer are banking upon. The COVID-19 has brought an absolute reconstruction of lifestyle and business; the way we purchase products or the way we connect to a brand has reasonably altered. The digital space is on a rise, more than ever. Branding in COVID time is a different game altogether. Being a digital marketing agency in Delhi, there are magnanimous changes that we have encountered and dealt with. As a social media agency in Delhi, here are a few tips on how to accommodate the changes and lead generation in COVID 19 time.



Evolved Communication: The tone, the language and the messaging have to be absolutely on point and relevant. Myriad changes are happening every day and each day brings about a new challenge. But, with a challenge comes a new opportunity. Be creative to adapt and integrate the fluctuations.


Counterintuitive Expenditure: This might not sound correct but look at this from a consumer’s altered perspective in these challenging times. This is a time to create a bond and tell your brand’s stories. With extensive consumption of social media, this is a great opportunity to inform people about your brand and informative stuff.


Advertisements: With several brands cutting down on expenditure, this is an opportune time to invest in ads. With the CPM falling for Facebook and Youtube, and customers spending more time on social media, ads at this time can do wonders for your brand. 


Updated Website: the messaging across the website should consider the COVID 19 and its impact. The shift in trends and exploding topics must reflect across your website too. The user’s interest is changing rapidly, hence specific topics or keywords play a much more important role today.


User intent: today, the intent of a customer might not be to purchase instantaneously. There are bound to be a few inhibitions and this calls to closely monitor their intent to understand how the market is changing to build your marketing strategies around that. 


Customer’s emotions and mental state: We all are going through testing times and brands must ensure to take this into account. They should reckon with it and make allowance for troubling times. It’s a temporary phase, but a sense of sensitivity would be appreciated by customers and would turn out beneficial for your business in the long run. 


Update your audience through social media and email: With people spending considerable time on social media, you can use this opportunity to keep your audience updated about changes happening every step of the way. 


Virtual Services and Events: With people practising social distance even after the lockdown. Seize this opportunity to build a relationship with your customers through virtual services. A bond created at such testing time last longer and has a deeper connection with people’s psyche.  


A dedicated Web page– dedicated webpage about COVID 19 generated a sense of security amongst customers. Do your best to answer their concerns about the safety of customers and their loved ones. FAQS and updates about how your brand is tackling the novel coronavirus would be recognized. 


Do not exploit COVID-19: many people are making memes and creating a theatre off it. Steer away from any sich ruckus. It’s a global pandemic and leniency towards it can harm your brand and it’s the image in people’s mind in numerous ways.

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