Social media..a communication tool, a content sharing platform, or a digital podium to display our lives. It fundamentally is an interactive tool that facilitates the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information through virtual networking. From an entertaining tool exclusively for the youth to a lifestyle element, it has elevated its stature overtime for the young and old. Today it has been adopted by all and sundry. It has remodeled the nature of conversations, the techniques of marketing, approach to politics, and even the consuetude of relationships.

Social media tiptoed in our lives as a communication tool, but today it has become an integral part of it. It has permeated into our lifestyle so seamlessly that it is arduous to separate the real from the virtual world. We begin our day with it; spend substantial waking hours with it and even sleep scrolling down endlessly on our Instagrams and Snapchats. Considering the present day scenario, our rapacity has bloated beyond bounds. The self-imposed 60 minutes haves dragged themselves to a whole slew of hours.

We spend our day oscillating between one feed to another post, from one tweet to another video; and then one more. We are consuming data like never before. Locked in our houses, we are connected to the world through the social media world. It’s a godsend blessing in today’s time.

As the old saying goes ‘Necessity is the mother of inventions’. And the current pandemic has established exactly that. The way we consume social media is an entirely different game today. From an entertaining activity, it has become our only source of contact with the outside world. It holds true not only for our family and friends, but for everything that we consume today, including news, latest business updates, political developments, and so forth. The businesses have swiftly evolved to stay relevant. The marketing techniques have altered to befit our wavering way of life.

Too much of a good thing is bad as we know it. While, the social media scenario has essentially proven itself to be a boon, particularly in these testing times; it does hold a chance of being detrimental if it encroaches beyond the limit. If it tries to intrude with the fundamental nature of humans, if it interferes with human relationships, then it could become a bane sooner than later. The real world and the social media game is a conjunction that we must adapt ourselves to live with.

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