Social media management is a term we learned and accomplished over time. While we were getting versed in the social media strategies, the tides turned. Times are ever-changing, but the accelerated pace that the crisis has affected us has enforced us to reassess everything. The uncertain times that we are dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic has compelled us to look in a different direction.

A great marketing strategy is all about adapting to current trends. Different strategies work for diverse scenarios. The strategy before, during, and after will be completely different. The world post COVID would be a changed game. Brands must prepare that. The approach to social media marketing has taken a different turn.

It might sound counterintuitive but holding marketing budgets may make sense now. This does not mean letting go of social media marketing altogether. In fact, this is a time to revaluate. It gives you a considerable budget and time to alter social media strategy and change course. The order of the world has changed and brands are trying to keep their strategies relevant. Situations would alter every moment and so would the perception. The commute to work does not exist anymore and might not do for a little more time ahead. The mobile traffic during those hours has certainly ceased.

As we brave the COVID 19 and have isolated ourselves from the world, social media has kept us connected. Establishing this, the consumption of social media has substantially increased during the crisis we are living in. We spend endless hours on our devices and are consuming content like never before. This gives brands the opportunity to connect at a deeper level. Brands must ensure their communication resonates with the current crisis and sentiments of the people.

This is an opportunity to review and revise your strategy o prepare for the new world we hope to enter soon. The ad copies in the pipeline might not hold any relevance in the post-Covid 19 world.  Google Trends could prove advantageous to search for trending hashtags. The direction of the marketing strategy would see a divergent light as and when we enter the new world. We must brace up and embrace ourselves to advance to a brand new world.

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