SEO- a term often overused and underestimated is an essential tool for building a brand. Increasing organic traffic is a significant step towards making it to the top. We know the far-reaching influence of it, but often feel overwhelmed by the tools and process of it. Calculating the magnitude and reach is another mind-boggling matter. And to top it all, there are various multifarious tools available to confuse even further. We have analyzed and shortlisted the best ones for you. Here’s the list of top Free & paid SEO tools & SEO extensions to boost your organic traffic.

Google Analytics: It is a clean and uncomplicated service that measures the return of investment on your advertising along with the social networking sites and applications. It also tracks flash, videos and reports website traffic. Google offers two versions of Google Analytics. While the standard version is free of cost, the premium version is a paid one and comes with tier-based pricing. Both the versions can be used used for tracking in all Visiolink applications.

Google Search Console: It is offered absolutely free by Google and you do not need to even sign up fo it. It is included in google search results and it helps you analyse how Google sees your website. This lets you track, manage and troubleshoot the appearance of your website in the results of the Google search.

Google Data Studio: this is another free service offered by Google that costs nothing. It is a part of their Google Cloud Platform offering. With Data Studio, you can monitor data from a wide range of sources quickly, without programming. You will link to data sets like Google Marketing Platform apps like Google Advertising, Analytics, Show & Video 360, Search Advertising 360, in just a few moments.

Google Trends: Data from Google Trends can be used in paid search to warn the seasonal campaigns, assisting with expense saving as well as stockpiling. You may also use Google Trends to identify meaningless trend phrases that you need to mark as unfavorable keywords, meaning a hunt for trends doesn’t massively impact the is a paid tool that is totally worth it.

Yoast SEO: Do you even need Yoast SEO? Do you need Yoast SEO? Yoast SEO addresses a lot of technological SEO challenges that your site would otherwise suffer from without the need for user input. Any platform that seeks to find itself in search engines profits from these apps. Each site requires them. Therefore these secret functions do not need settings.

SEO Toolbar by Ahrefs: For every web page right in your web browser, instant SEO study, broken link checker, redirect tracer and the most relevant SEO metrics. With Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar, you can get fast SEO report on-page for any website you visit.

Ubersuggest: Ubersuggest is a free SEO platform specialized in creating new ideas on keywords. Initially developed as a platform that discarded words from Google Suggest, Ubersuggest was recently purchased by developer Neil Patel, who has greatly extended the feature set ever since.

SEMrush: SEMrush is a Boston based technology provider platform that offers licenses to web access and digital analytics applications. It is also a resource for keyword tactics and data analyses You can also access a number of resources with a free account but you will be restricted in your ability to grab all the data and use other software. It has a 7-day free trial for either a Pro or Guru subscription.

MozBar:  is a free Chrome Extension that makes advanced analytics quick to access and do all your SEO on the go.This has built a rather large following over the years and saved a lot of time for both SEO’s and Inbound marketers alike.


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