Cozy blanket, flexible schedule, no jam-packed public transport, working in pajamas; it sounds like a dream come true for many and most of us were super excited with the idea of WFH. But, is it worth the hype? No matter whether it’s from the cold desk of the office or the comfortable ambiance of our homes, all we are doing is ‘working’, be it anywhere. It depends


WFH saves us a lot of time commuting to work, getting dressed, and ducking those never-ending chit chats with co-workers. And while it does save time, this tittle-tattle is something that grows a bond. These discussions and office conversations play a substantial role in fostering relationships and subsequently, a stepping stone towards team building.


The employers and employees do feel that WFH does save a considerable time that is spent on commuting, lunch hours, cigarette breaks, and even the banter that we have become so accustomed to. But, who is to say that working in the comfort zone of our homes doesn’t lead to long lunches and longer chatter with our homies or our pets.


The cost saving is something everyone would agree to. The employees spend less on traveling and lunches while the employers don’t necessarily need to invest on extravagant office spaces. But, coming to the office and discussing things personally dilutes the scope of communication that we have all faced (or facing) due to deceiving/ collapsing/ mendacious Wi-Fi, or kids, or roommates for that matter. The employer also loses the chance to micromanage, but we are not sore about that, are we?


Though there is no better or worse set-up to work, it all boils down to an individual choice. Some people are more effective working from home; they work better in secluded spaces while for others the face to face discussions are effectual. The field of work also plays a key role in determining which course suits you better. Let’s put the debate to rest on a generic level but pick it up at the individual standing on the matter.

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