Working from home to coming back home, we have been through it all. A seemingly small journey felt like a lifetime to most of us. The humdrum of commute echoed in our ears like music, the long traffic jam felt like an exciting journey we were eager to make, gossip and chatty colleagues were being missed. In all, we fathomed the value of our social life and routine; a routine we would all crib about all over again the moment it settles in our lives.  

The regular humdrum would begin soon; for some, it has already started. Getting back to the same grinding might seem like an exciting idea at the moment but with time we have evolved. We have modified our lifestyle, revised our routine only to get back to the ‘new’ normal. Working from home and managing the house might be a better bargain for some than working and coming back to take care of the house. The wasted hours of hopping traffic were used productively in meeting those deadlines. Grooming every day made way for preparing a healthy meal for ourselves. Living together felt like sharing a life than sharing an apartment. 

We learnt and adapted. But, we cannot ignore the excitement of getting dressed and getting out and meeting people every day. The social events, the warmth of having a coffee together and the liberty of just going out is incomparable. 

Humans are social animals and we like to have people around physically, more than virtually.  The team spirit strengthens with discussions on the table, the tea breaks become more refreshing with colleagues and the meetings transpire better without the faulty internet connection. 

Debating over it is moving around in circles. The better or worse option depends on various aspects like the field you are in, the how you approach work, team among various other things. The arrangement is a collective effort that can lead to greater developments when addressed right. One set up is not better than the other; it is the concoction brewed variable elements. 

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